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Main businesses of AZMUI Mechanical Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd are acting as agent of selling woodworking machinery of famous brands in Japan. Our company is the general agent of Japan Yasuda Corporation for high-speed floor mortising line and cold-pressing high-speed floor pressing line in China area, and also is the sales agent of Marunak Corporation and the partner in China area of Nishijima Corporation for ultra-hard metal cut-off machine. So far, double-end mill for solid wood composite floor sold in domestic Japan by Yasuda Corporation has exceeded 5000 sets, accounting for over 90% of Japanese market shares.

Yasuda double-end mill has successively entered into Nature, Power Dekor, A&W, Guangdong Foma, CHINA TUHSU Fuviger Timber Co., Ltd, etc. leading enterprises in floor industry less than two years since Yasuda double-end mill was introduced into China, and both the equipment quality and after-sales service have constantly received good reputation.

Provide a better development platform for partners to effectively compensate for the weak separate operations, immature management and lack of technology or design strength; share resources, share benefits, play the role of bridge and link between each other, strengthen communication, expand cooperation and exchanges, effectively use customer resources, lower the cost, expand market share, let us make win-win cooperation and make due contribution for development of the industry.

Address: Zhangjiawan Development Zone, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Postal code: 101103
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